Originally established Niagara Research Associates in 1974 to occasionally provide independent professional advice to the special polymers surfacing industry.  Beginning in 1998, this entity was expanded into a very active and broader scope consulting endeavor.


From November, 1994, Fritz led the Selby-Ucrete Specialty Floorings Group, a division of Harris Specialty Chemicals Co (now part of BASF) until 1998.


Prior to the acquisition of Selby by HSC, Mr. Iselin served for more than 5 years in both Philadelphia and Oklahoma as President of Selby/QSC, a subsidiary of Quaker Chemicals Corp.


Graduating from well regarded Hanover College in Indiana, with a degree in Business/Accounting, Fritz was initially employed in a territorial sales capacity with Vermont Marble Co, now a unit of Pleuss-Stauffer/Switzerland.


The Iselin family had a long tradition in the specialty finishes crafts for commercial construction – primarily terrazzo, ceramic tile, marble and granite – and ultimately chemical based coatings, etc. Thru this connection, Fritz became familiar with Selby products, as well as DESCO coatings from venerable Macnaughton-Brooks, a significant producer to polymeric based surfacings.


In 1966, Mr. Iselin left his post as VMCo’s General Manager of Desco-Detroit, to join the industry’s leading coatings/floorings manufacturer, EMBE. Initially, Iselin was based in Chicago as Regional Sales Manager, followed by 1973 transfer to Toronto headquarters and Buffalo, NY operations as National Sales Director.


From 1979, Fritz then served as Senior Director- International, responsible for substantial global market growth, including technology transfers/licensing, etc.


In 1986, Master Builders Technologies, then a unit of Sandoz (next part of SKW, prior to eventual Degussa-BASF  transition) acquired the various EMBE companies – the former Macnaughton-Brooks/Desco, product lines, plus Kelmar (parking deck waterproofings), Thermwall EIFS, DesignCast fabricated panels, Plymar resin impregnated hardwood floorings, Morricite epoxy terrazzo, etc.


Mr Iselin continued in senior management level marketing and product stewardship roles for MBT until joining Selby in 1989.


For more than the past decade, Mr. Iselin has served as Senior Chairman of Technical Committees for the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association and authored numerous papers as well as made keynote presentations at professional symposiums.



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